Salt Creek Knives

Houston, Indiana

Thank you for visiting SaltCreekKnives.com!  Salt Creek Knives was founded in 2008 by David Fisher, as a retail seller of manufactured knives.  Attending gun shows and festivals, Salt Creek knives consistently offered knives and related items from top brands such as KaBar, Condor, Buck, Bear and Sons, and many other top brands.  Many of these knives are still offered at times.  Also found throughout our website are knives made my Jeff White, knifemaker from Galveston, Indiana.

Eventually outdoor and hunting items from Fox Outdoor were added. Salt Creek Knives remains a retail distributor for these products.

Salt Creek Knives also stocks a variety of animal pelts many of which are tanned in their own facility.  The stock of these items will vary with availability.

The heart of Salt Creek Knives is now their continuous development of hand forged and hand made knives.  Most of the blades produced are forged from 1095 carbon steel over a coal fire and hammered to shape.  Then all blades are finished by hand and handles are hand made from materials found in and around Salt Creek.  Damascus blades are purchased and custom handled in the same manner.  Sheaths are all handmade from leather, cowhide, and even some muskrat fur now and then.

The line of handmade forged knives are truly created in a “old style” manner right down to the primitive hammered look of the blade.  Each one is unique and no 2 are alike.  That’s why, every time you visit our website, there will be something you haven’t seen before!

Why “Salt Creek?” –  Salt Creek is a township in the far northwestern corner of Jackson County Indiana.  Salt Creek is a small creek that runs from east to west through the area, eventually emptying into Lake Monroe near Bloomington, Indiana.  Salt Creek Knives is located near the small village of Houston, Indiana, just a walking distance from Salt Creek.